DBAS Agency — we offer a full range of services for the application of graphic design, website development, social media broadcasting and we also engage in video recording and editing.

DBAS — a team that helps clients to define the tasks of their project, to design it reliably and to obtain a result that justifies their investment.
The great experience we have gives us the opportunity to carry out projects with different approaches in their potential. We find technological methods to solve the customer’s real problems and implement them successfully. Our professionals specialize in the development of complex and extraordinary projects.
We carry out each assignment with great care.

Why you can count on us:

— We create a unique and high quality image.
— Our decisions are not ordinary and are effective.
— The members of the team work as a team, with complete mutual understanding.
— Specialists who are passionate about their work will work on your project.
— We offer a full range of services needed to achieve the best results.

We are located in Spain, Barcelona. We speak Spanish, English and Russian.


Our agency offers its clients the development of graphic design by our specialists and creators.
We create a unique style for your business.

Branding is the art of exploring, defining significances and translating them into accurate images to increase the benefit of your business.

Brand design is a project activity to create a visual and individual environment of a brand that reflects the basic value and emotional characteristics of a product or service (meaning) in the media (images).

The visual identification of a brand is its distinctiveness and at the same time the way in which the company creates this connection with the public. The graphic design of the identities uses visual elements that transmit the corporate identity and create the face of the brand. Identical can tell the story of the company, to convey experiences and emotions.

What we offer:

— Website design.
— Creation of the brand logo.
— Development of a unique style of office, souvenir, advertising.
— Business brochures, business cards, covers, packaging.
— Brand visualization.


We create innovative high-tech websites for all fields: business card websites, corporate websites, shops, portals. Our scope is unlimited. We create websites that successfully perform tasks and promote your business. With us you can order a website of any complexity. We create an information and sales platform that meets all customer requirements.

Investing money in a website — is investing in a successful business.
We will do our best to make you happy, we will take care of all the necessary steps for you to learn how to manage your own website!


Representing a brand on the Internet is already an essential part of a successful and profitable business. An adequate and strategic positioning helps to carry out the essential dialogue with the potential consumer, reinforces brand recognition and, in addition, allows the creation of new markets and needs.

We know how to identify your target audience, how to increase the number of them, how to form relationships of trust, how to formulate the right offers and how to ensure that the consumer comes back again for your service.

We offer:

— creating an outreach and promotion strategy.
— Building a potential customer base.
— Establishing personalized advertising to attract customers
— Creating a personalized and homogeneous design for your social networks.
— The development of events and competitions as an additional action to attract an audience.


Video clips and graphics are needed for advertising and presentations. We develop scripts then we film and do the editing. we do On-screen presentations about the structure of your business or promotional advertising, as well as video clips none of them are unsolvable problems for us.

Professional video editing, done according to all the rules of the genre, should consist of the following main stages.

⁃ Familiarization with the project, clarification of the task in its entirety.
⁃ Preparation of a plan, storyline and plot and subsequent approval by the client.
⁃ Filming a video clip directly by elements or jointly.
⁃ Assembling the images.
⁃ Preview, make corrections and modifications.
⁃ Delivery of the finished work to the customer